Bootstrap your Django admin in 3 minutes

And do it without changing your existing codebase!

Posted November 16th, 2012 in django, bootstrap, django-admin-bootstrapped

Do you want Bootstrap on your Django admin app? You do not want to mess with the templates? That's why I did it for you!

PyPI version

What you'll get

  • a responsive interface (because Bootstrap is)
  • an heavy rewrite of the original django-admin templates, but with compatibility in mind.
  • collapsable elements
  • goodies like application name 'translations' without using the {% trans %} tag (to be documented)
  • you can choose between Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3


Django >= 1.4.x

Source code

On Github of course:


  • pip install django-admin-bootstrapped (virtualenv highly suggested)
  • add django_admin_bootstrapped into the INSTALLED_APPS list before django.contrib.admin
  • have fun!

Your INSTALLED_APPS should look like this:



Switch to Bootstrap3

Available from version 1.6.2: Do the previous steps, then add 'django_admin_bootstrapped.bootstrap3' into the INSTALLED_APPS list before 'django_admin_bootstrapped'.

Your INSTALLED_APPS should look like this:




Translate/change an application name with a template

With the default admin you can't change the application name, but django-admin-bootstrapped let you do it in a really easy way. Just create a file named admin_app_name.html into the application's template folder. Eg: myapp/templates/admin_app_name.html or project/templates/myapp/admin_app_name.html.

Add custom html to the change form of any model with a template

You can inject custom html on top of any change form creating a template named admin_model_MODELNAME_change_form.html into the application's template folder. Eg: myapp/templates/admin_model_mymodelname_change_form.html or project/templates/myapp/admin_model_mymodelname_change_form.html.

Inline sortable

You can add drag&drop sorting capability to any inline with a couple of changes to your code.

First, add a position field in your model (and sort your model accordingly), for example:

class TestSortable(models.Model):
    that = models.ForeignKey(TestMe)
    position = models.PositiveSmallIntegerField("Position")
    test_char = models.CharField(max_length=5)

    class Meta:
        ordering = ('position', )

Then in your create a class to handle the inline using the django_admin_bootstrapped.admin.models.SortableInline mixin, like this:

from django_admin_bootstrapped.admin.models import SortableInline
from models import TestSortable

class TestSortable(admin.StackedInline, SortableInline):
    model = TestSortable
    extra = 0

You can now use the inline as usual. The result will look like this:

This feature was brought to you by Kyle Bock. Thank you Kyle!

XHTML Compatible

Compatible with both html and xhtml. To enable xhtml for your django app add the following to your DEFAULT_CONTENT_TYPE = 'application/xhtml+xml'

Generic lookups in admin

Generic lookups in admin

All that needs to be done is change the admin widget with either formfield_overrides like this:

from django_admin_bootstrapped.widgets import GenericContentTypeSelect

class SomeModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    formfield_overrides = {
        models.ForeignKey: {'widget': GenericContentTypeSelect},

Or if you want to be more specific:

from django_admin_bootstrapped.widgets import GenericContentTypeSelect

class SomeModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    def formfield_for_dbfield(self, db_field, **kwargs):
        if == 'content_type':
            kwargs['widget'] = GenericContentTypeSelect
        return super(SomeModelAdmin, self).formfield_for_dbfield(db_field, **kwargs)

If you decide on using formfield_overrides you should be aware of its limitations with relation fields.

This feature (and many more) was brought to you by Jacob Magnusson. Thank you Jacob!


==== 1.6.2 (2013-11-28) ====

  • Bootstrap 3 theme (thanks to ze-phyr-us). In order to use it, add django_admin_bootstrapped.bootstrap3 before django_admin_bootstrapped into your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

==== 1.6.1 (2013-11-16) ====

  • FIX #56: jquery now loaded from local installation, not the CDN
  • FIX #65: recent actions now has working urls

==== 1.6.0 (2013-11-08) ====

  • django 1.6 compatibility
  • experimental support to Django-CMS 2.4. This is thanks to a fork of kayluhb, which has never been transformed in a PR, but still it's worth a try.
  • Python 3 compatibility (it has always been compatible, but now it's flagged appropriately as such)
  • changed version to 1.6 to reflect the 'Stable' status of the project and the compatibility with Django 1.6

==== 0.4.3 (2013-08-27) ====

  • display errors properly for inlines (thanks to jmagnusson)

==== 0.4.2 (2013-08-10) ====

  • checkboxes now properly aligned
  • admin title translation now working with a dedicated template

==== 0.4.1 (2013-05-29) ====

  • tooltips for title attributes
  • generic relation lookup plugin
  • FIX: Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Navbar Broken on Small Screens ( as reported by Fernando (
  • FIX: login page responsive layout
  • FIX #6: autocapitalization disabled in the login form (mobile friendly)
  • FIX #13: boolean fields will show the help text if provided
  • FIX #36: list filters now partially usable on a mobile fine

==== 0.4 (2013-05-27) ====

  • added compatibility for django-cms (thanks to kayluhb)
  • xhtml cleanup (thanks to Ricklef Wohlers)
  • UI cleanup (thanks to intuxicated & yceruto)
  • Twitter Bootstrap version 2.3.1 (thanks to yceruto)
  • admin static files now loaded using relative urls (thanks to jmagnusson)

==== 0.3.2 (2013-02-06) ====

  • temporary bugfix for change_list actions

==== 0.3.1 (2013-01-19) ====

  • registration template fixes

  • registration template fixes

==== 0.3 (2013-01-17) ====

  • dropped tabs in homepage in favour of vanilla list of available applications
  • application dropdown menu for fast access in navbar
  • filters moved to a dropdown in navbar to gain screen space
  • added documentation for the translation goodies

==== 0.2 (2012-12-04) ====

  • sortable inlines
  • inlines wrapped in wells for UI consistency

==== 0.1.1 (2012-11-20) ====

  • added a test project
  • upgrade to Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.1 (issue #8)
  • implemented inline tabular view
  • fixed the messages styling
  • temporary fix for the page title
  • open is now the default style for the stacked inlines
  • filters in the change list views are now positioned on the left, to handle wide tables
  • pagination rendered with a smaller style (issue #2)

==== 0.1.0 (2012-10-22) ====

  • first release


This is not a complete project. I know for sure that the tabular inline form wil not work, because I didn't style it. Surely there will be edge cases, but still this is a project I used in production. Unluckly my time is quite limited, so every kind of help will be gladly appreciated!



List view with filters in dropdown

Change form view