About me

Riccardo Forina, web developer

Hi! My name is .

I'm a front-end and back-end developer with strong operations management skill. If you want to contact me, you can do so through LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter.


I' m a front-end developer and back-end developer with strong operations management skill.
In my free time I work on open source projects and write technical articles on my website.

Technical Skills

javascript, python, django, css, less, jquery, backbone.js, angular.js, nginx, memcached, mysql


Senior Frontend Web Developer @ Lumata

In Lumata I am involved in the task of renewing the whole UI infrastructure of one of Lumata’s main products, moving from a web application built with GWT to a web application built with Angular.js. To ease the development I have also defined a Maven-like process built on top of Grunt, Yeoman and Node.js.

Web Architect – Prodigys Technology January 2010 - June 2013

Plug & Play social plugins (like Facebook's)
Hight traffic (more than 500k visitors/day) plugins, served by a single Amazon EC2 machine with less than 2Gb RAM.
SSO proxy
A wrapper around XML based web services to add web 2.0 capabilities (cross-domain, json). Optimized to reduce latency using non blocking sockets to fetch more data at once. High traffic (> 1Mln request/day), but still runs on a single EC2 machine.
Vodafone Lab mobile website
A backbone.js powered mobile version of the Vodafone Lab website (http://lab.vodafone.it/m/)
Frontend consultant
Provided technical support and reports to optimize the loading speed of Vodafone Italy web portal.
Team leader
Introduced GIT and django in the job workflow and script-based deploys.

Web programmer – Neo Network September 2009 - January 2010

Website frontend & backend
Asp.NET MVC powered; high traffic; custom user registration.
Website porting from .NET to Django
Rework of the paneangeli.it website, based on a proprietary .NET CMS, adding progressive enhancement, Salesforce integration and SEO optimization (from a single page architecture to hundreds of indexable pages).

Analyst Programmer – IMILLE Srl February 2008 - September 2009

Custom CMS
Worked on the award winning website pandistelle.it, built with python (django); integration with a SOAP based SSO (helped to test and enhance it).
Various website
PHP based


Attended Computer Science
Not completed for career opportunities – University of Turin 2001 - 2003
High school
Informatics and telecommunication - ITIS Amedeo Avogadro 1995 - 2001

Projects & Interests

django-admin-bootstrapped - https://github.com/riccardo-forina/django-admin-bootstrapped
A Django application to provide bootstrap theming to the admin interface
status-jquery-crawler – https://github.com/riccardo-forina/status-jquery-crawler
A plug&play javascript application to check for broken links in a website.