Long time not updating this site...

Why? Because life is full!

Posted July 21th, 2013

My last update is from February. What happened since then?

Actually, a lot of things.

I have a new job

Now I am a Frontend Web Engineer for Lumata for one of the main products.
Needless to say I'm thrilled by the opportunity of focusing only on HTML, CSS and Javascript development.

Here are some of the cool stuff I work with: Angular.js, Yeoman, SASS, Agile development, GIT.

I moved from OSX+Sublime Text to Linux+IntelliJ

Where the OSX-to-Linux switch is almost transparent - when you work mainly with a terminal, how cares about the underlying OS? - the switch from Sublime to IntelliJ is much more drastic.

Sublime is a great editor with great shortcuts and life-saving tools that I still use - I'm writing this with it - but only when I need to, well, edit text.

The main culprit is Angular.js. When I started building complex applications with it I felt the need to lessen the context switches I had to deal with to focus my attention on the actual job.

Angular.js is not easy. It requires discipline, know-how and advance planning. And a stong debugging environment. Sure, Chrome Dev Tools are great, and Batarang is a lifesaving addition. But it's not enough. Add to this that maybe you're not only working on the Angular.js app, but on the server side part too - let it be Node.js or Python or Java, it doesn't matter - and you really really want an editor that helps you on not getting lost. I needed an IDE.

My hatred for IDEs is an old story. Slow, memory starved, bloated, not visually appealing if not ugly - yes Eclipse, I'm talking with you.

IntelliJ is nothing like that. Sure, it's heavier than Sublime, but it handles everything. Editing, refactoring, VCS, debugging, intellisense completion that doesn't sucks, nice UI, support for everything you need. In short, is a tool built by people who actually use it.

Oh and yes, it reduced my number of terminal windows/tabs by an order of magnitude, which is cool since re-starting everything every time I have to switch project is taxing.

I moved from codingnot.es to forina.me

I love codingnot.es as domain name and I'll keep it, but I desired a personal email address not related to a vendor, so the switch.

Lastly, I'm getting married!

Obviously the wedding website has been built in-house with Python :D

That's all, I hope to write more in the future. Maybe something Yeoman related!